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  • Is a Cheese Danish Really Danish?

    French fries aren’t really French. Is a cheese Danish really Danish? They call them Wienerbrød or Viennese pastries, and of course Vienna is in Switzerland. Find out more from June’s blog. To learn a little more about the history of the misconception, view OMG Facts’ spin on the tale. Of course, this is a blog post about…

  • This Cheese Does Not Stand Alone

    This Cheese Does Not Stand Alone

    Wensleydale cheese has been made since the 1100’s. Recently one Wensleydale cheese producer avoided bankruptcy because of a Cartoon series called “Wallace and Gromit”, which made their cheese famous in a full-length stop-motion animation film that became very popular in 2005. Read more about it in this article and this article. Happy cheese-eating!

  • Hello world!

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